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Mau Mau at the pub

3.51 usd

Mau Mau the classic card game. Play it now with speech (currently german) and background noise on your Android phone or tablet as at the pub.
Game target:Each game: Remove all cards or keep at least a little point on the hand when a player discards the last card.
Special cards:- Ace: Again: The player may place a card itself again.- Jack: Suit choice: The player choose the suit.- Nine: Direction change: The previous players turn.- Eight: skip: The next player must suspend or play an eight himself.- Seven: Draw two cards: The next player must draw 2 cards or place another seven.
Very easy, even for beginners:- Game tip: Indicates which card to play and which can not be played.- Mau Mau rules are included- Game speed selectable
How long should the game last? Choices are:- Number of starting cards- Round Time: Maximum number of points per round
Additional features:- French, Bavarian and Poker (NEW) deck selectable- Trophy for each round won- All players names are freely assignable- Landscape format playable at any resolution